Personal Injury Law

When faced with personal injury difficulties, find a lawyer who will help.

Personal injury law can be complex and difficult to navigate. Thousands of people in the state of Oregon are injured in automobile accidents every year. These accidents often result in a great deal of distress in the lives of those affected. The loss of physical strength and ability can greatly change the daily routines of those who are injured and often affects relationships. Medical bills and lost wages add up and the mental and emotional stress begins to mount.

The tragic fact is that even those who obtain a doctor’s full medical report/notes related to their accident are often subject to claim rejections and long response times from their insurance companies. In fact, rightful claims are often rejected as a matter of course. Many times injured parties will spend a great deal of time trying to manage their own claim only to run into delays and complications. The hard truth is that insurance companies aren’t interested in identifying valid facts. However, they are interested in processing claims with as few costs as possible and will often try to settle your claim before you get what is rightfully due to you and your loved ones.

Take The Higher Road

Bell Law Offices has learned to pave a smoother road and easily navigate the tricky terrain of personal injury law. Bell Law can assess the depth of your claim (including lost wages and medical care), monitor your medical records, and offer you a clear map of where you stand in relation to a potential insurance claim. In addition, Bell Law can prepare a demand letter, negotiate settlements that will take into account your entire claim including future medical expenses, and take your case to trial if necessary.

Ron and Ranay, former clients of Bell Law Services say the following of their experience:

“We give the highest rating for service and professionalism. John helped us through the tough times and always put us at ease.”

Margaret, another former client, says: “I was satisfied once John Bell took over my case. He promptly returned my calls and was very friendly, efficient, and courteous.”

Many of Bell Law’s clients know how comforting it can be to have a helping legal hand as they seek to piece their lives back together. Bell Law understands the real-world implications of personal injury law and can guide you to the best outcome for you and your loved ones.

FREE Consultation

Bell Law offers free consultations for those who have experienced personal injury and are looking for professional legal consultation related to the challenging field of personal injury law. Bell Law does not pressure those who are already under a great deal of stress. Bell Law understands that you are already dealing with a great many variables and need a calm voice of reason. Therefore, Bell Law will lay the facts of your case “on the table” and will help guide you through each step of the personal injury maze of doors!

For your free consultation please call 888.813.3188. Bell Law promises to provide you with the best professional personal injury law services available.

Bell Law Offices: Locations

For your convenience Bell Law has locations in Portland, Salem, and Eugene.

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