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There is more than one type of social security benefit.

  1. Social Security Insurance (SSI) benefits are not contingent upon an individual having paid into the system prior to becoming disabled. These benefits are available to anyone who is unable to work due to disability and are based on income. SSI benefits cannot be applied for online. They must be applied for at a local social security office.
  2. Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits are contingent upon an individual paying into the system prior to becoming disabled. Benefits amounts are also based on previous income. SSDI benefits can be applied for online.

Regardless of whether you are applying for SSI disability benefits or SSDI benefits (or both) the experience can be frustrating. Even filing an initial application/claim requires a large dose of patience and diligence and unfortunately most applications are rejected as a matter of course.

Tips for Speeding the SSI Disability Application Process

The absolute number one tip for speeding an application for SSI disability benefits and getting benefits awarded is to hire an attorney.

Tip #1: Hire an SSI Disability Attorney

Of course this tip seems self-serving when you are reading this content on a law office website. However, if you put in dozens or even hundreds of hours researching SSI and SSDI benefits you’ll quickly see that it takes a full-time “employee” to understand the “ins and outs” of the social security process. For this reason, it’s essential for your time and sanity to hire someone who already understands the process and who can quickly help.

However, if for whatever reason you decide to navigate the process yourself, here are a couple of additional tips:

  1. Be patient. A response from your first application can take months.
  2. Re-submit your application if it is initially rejected (which is likely) and again be prepared to be patient. The response to your second application may elicit a quicker response but there is no guarantee.

How Much Will An Attorney Cost?

Attorneys naturally charge varying rates for their services. At Bell Law Offices attorneys specialize in SSI Disability law (as well as SSDI law) and know how to quickly navigate the inroads of social security. Bell Law attorneys carefully assess your application (for free) and if they confirm that it is likely your application will result in awarded benefits they will charge $6000 or 25% of your retroactive benefits (all future benefits are entirely yours), whichever amount is less. Bell Law attorneys understand that clients can’t afford to “break the bank” or spend excessive amounts. Bell Law prides itself on fair payment.

Contact Bell Law Offices

Please feel free to contact Bell Law at any time to speak with an SSI Disability attorney. Potential clients are also welcome to come into the office (locations in Portland, Eugene, and Salem) for a free consultation to determine whether their SSI or SSDI applications are likely to result in awarded benefits. Call (888) 813-3188 to make an appointment for your free consultation.

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