Workers Comp Lawyer | Portland, Oregon

A “workers comp lawyer” or a workers’ compensation lawyer is a legal professional that can provide the following professional services for those who have been hurt on the job.

  1. Handle communication between insurance company, doctors, and the workplace
  2. Assess whether or not you as the claimant could receive additional benefits that you may or may not be aware of
  3. Significantly speed the acceptance of the claim and the receipt of benefits
  4. Provide absolutely free legal consultations and services until benefits have been received
  5. Indirectly help you the claimant to relax and heal so your health doesn’t suffer even more from the effects of stress, strain, worry, discouragement, doubt, etc.

Workers Comp Lawyers in Oregon

If you have been hurt on the job in the state of Oregon then by law you have a right to financial benefits. Workers’ compensation law can be confusing and can feel like an endless maze. For example, even if your workplace does admit that you were hurt on the job and treats you with respect throughout the course of your case (not always common) it is still likely that your insurance company will reject your claim as a matter of course and that you will not be educated about all of the possible benefits available to those hurt on the job.

For these reasons and more, seeking the advice and consultation of an experienced workers compensation lawyer is highly advisable as it provides you with a vast amount of beneficial information and costs nothing!

Enter Bell Law Workers Compensation Lawyers in Portland, Eugene, and Salem, Oregon

With three offices in Oregon (Portland, Eugene, and Salem) Bell Law attorneys specialize in workers compensation law and will always provide you with an honest (and free) assessment of your workers compensation claim. Together with a Bell Law attorney, you will discuss the history of your claim, the current status of your claim and the following questions:

  1. Has your work injury caused permanent problems?
  2. Has the insurance company offered to settle your workers compensation claim?
  3. Are you receiving wage loss payments when your doctor is not letting you work?
  4. Are you receiving the full compensation due to you?
  5. Are you concerned about losing your job?

After thoroughly assessing your case, your Bell Law attorney will be direct with you in spelling out your options. After the consultation you’ll come away feeling confident in knowing the “ins and outs” of your case and in your Bell Law attorney’s ability to fight for your workers’ compensation benefits. You’ll also feel the comfort of knowing that the claim will be taken care of much sooner than it would have if you had to handle the claim on your own. With Bell Law, you can focus on healing and moving on with your life.

Free Workers’ Compensation Consultation

Contact a Bell Law attorney for a free workers’ compensation consultation. There is absolutely no obligation and at Bell Law you will always be treated with compassion and respect.

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