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If you’ve been hurt on the job in the state of Oregon then it is your right to receive financial benefits. It may seem confusing and discouraging when seeking to pursue an honest workers’ compensation claim, especially if your employer doesn’t admit the injury happened at work or isn’t treating your claim with respect.

Don’t Give Up

Did you know that almost 80% of those injured at work simply accept their injuries without pursuing claim to helpful resources? By law those injured on the job have a right to reimbursement. However, many injured potential claimants suffer in silence as they live with the “two Ds” – doubt and discouragement.

Don’t give up. It is very likely that you deserve workman’s compensation benefits. Bell Law can help.

Do You Need a Workman’s Comp Lawyer?

There may be a few instances in which you could handle a workman’s compensation claim alone. However, these instances are rare. Even if your company does treat your claim with respect and admits the injury happened at work, the insurance company will reject your claim as a matter of course. The more time the insurance company makes you wait, the more discouraging the process becomes. In the meantime, your doctor’s bills pile up.

An experienced workman’s compensation attorney such as those at Bell Law will have a history of winning financial benefits for people with cases just like yours. They can also significantly speed up the process of receiving financial benefits so that you can move on with healing…and with your life.

Free Worker’s Compensation Attorney Consultation and Free Service Until You Receive Benefits

Good news! In Oregon you won’t pay anything for the assistance of even the best attorney as workers’ compensation lawyers in Oregon are paid on a contingent fee basis. What this means is that legal services are absolutely free to you until you have received benefits, and with Bell Law, even after you receive benefits the contingent fees are fair and respectful.

Bell Law Offices in Portland, Salem, and Eugene, Oregon

With offices in Portland, Salem and Eugene, Bell Law attorneys provide specialized services in the following areas of legal expertise:

Workers’ Compensation
Social Security Disability
Personal Injury
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Bell Law’s Specialized Workers’ Compensation Services

For those hurt on the job Bell Law takes all workers’ compensation cases seriously. From the moment you request a free consultation with a Bell Law attorney you will be treated with respect and will not be charged any fees until you have received the appropriate amount of benefits. Bell Law can also help determine which benefits you should receive as a part of your workers’ compensation case. For example, at Bell Law the following questions will be asked as your case is considered.

  1. Are you receiving wage loss payments when your doctor is not letting you work?
  2. Has your work injury caused permanent problems?
  3. Are you receiving the full compensation due to you?
  4. Has the insurance company offered to settle your workers compensation claim?
  5. Are you concerned about losing your job?

The answers to these questions may result in you receiving more benefits than you thought possible.

Workers’ compensation law can be complex and confusing but Bell Law attorneys know how to navigate the system on your behalf.

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