How Much Does a Workers Compensation Attorney Cost?

Workers Compensation Attorney CostOregon Workers Compensation Attorney Fees

Good news!  In Oregon, you do not have to worry about the workers compensation attorney cost.  There is no risk of receiving a bill for attorney fees.  Workers compensation attorneys in Oregon are paid on a contingent fee basis.  This means that your attorney does not get paid unless he or she assists you in receiving a benefit.

Workers Compensation Attorney Cost for Denied Claims

if your workers compensation claim has been denied, you are probably discouraged and frustrated.  You might be wondering what you are going to do? Can you afford help?  How much does a workers compensation attorney cost?  With a denied workers compensation claim, you will not be charged attorney fees unless your attorney helps you recover.  This can be done in two ways:

First, if your attorney helps you successfully challenge a denial, the insurance company pays the attorney fees and costs.  Second, if you choose to settle your workers compensation claim, a percentage of the settlement goes toward the workers compensation attorney cost.

Workers Compensation Attorney Cost for Accepted Claims

You have an accepted workers compensation claim.  Do you need to pay for an attorney?  No.  You do not.  Oregon workers compensation law is complicated.  There are surprises and hurdles even in accepted claims.  It is important to have a professional help you avoid these problems, but you do not pay attorney fees unless the attorney helps you receive a benefit.  A portion of your benefit goes toward attorney fees.  No fees come out of your pocket.

Attorney fees can be earned in several ways in an accepted claim.  First, the workers compensation attorney appeals your Notice of Closure.  If you receive a higher permanent disability award, the attorney will receive a percentage of the increase.  Second, if you settle your claim, a portion of your settlement pays for the attorney fees.  Third, if you are denied medical services and the attorney is successful in getting the denial reversed, the insurance company pays the attorney fees and costs.

Settling Your Workers Compensation Claim

If you settle your workers compensation claim, then 25% out of the first $50,000 of your settlement and 10% out of any amount over $50,000 is paid toward attorney fees.

There is no risk of paying attorney fees out of your own pocket. Do not risk losing your footing in your workers compensation claim.  Contact an expert to assist you today.

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