Personal Injury Attorney | Portland, Oregon

A personal injury attorney works with clients who have suffered a physical or emotional injury. Personal injury claims include car accidents, harassment, mismanaged surgeries, and more. Personal injury attorneys should know how the insurance claim process works and how to collect the necessary evidence to present a solid claim.

Bell Law Personal Injury Attorneys

Bell Law personal injury attorneys specialize in personal injury law and know the “legal language” and the “loopholes” that will clear a path for you to focus on healing and a better future. Bell Law offices are located in Portland, Eugene, and Salem, Oregon. Bell Law attorneys will fight to win your claim and will do so by providing the following services:

  1. Asses the depth of your claim including lost wages and necessary medical care
  2. Monitor your medical records and stay in touch with you during your recovery process
  3. Prepare a demand letter a negotiate a settlement with the insurance company that takes into account your entire claim including future medical expenses
  4. If necessary, Bell Law will take your claim to trial
  5. Overall, a Bell Law personal injury attorney will help you navigate the stormy waters of personal injury law step-by-step. S/he will provide a helping hand that will support you and allow you to focus on living life instead of worrying about the future

Personal Injuries Result in Distress

When an accident or a personal injury occurs in our lives it causes a great deal of distress and influences everything around us including our physical capacities, our finances (medical bills, lost wages, missed job opportunities, etc.) and our social relationships. A personal injury attorney can greatly assist you along the road toward renewed financial, personal, and social stability by carefully navigating the confusing waters of personal injury law. Best of all you won’t pay a dime until your claim is won and you have received benefits.

A Tip to Remember: Don’t Talk to the Insurance Company

When you’ve experienced a personal injury it is of the utmost importance that you do not talk to the insurance company. Insurance companies do not have your best interests in mind. They are more concerned with processing your claim with as little accrued cost as possible while you are simply wanting to protect your health as well as the future of you and your loved ones. In short, the insurance company wants to settle your claim as early as possible but Bell Law wants to ensure that your claim is thoroughly reviewed and that you receive a fair amount of compensation for your suffering.

A Second Tip to Remember: See Your Physician Regularly

Bell Law wants to remind you that it is important to see your physician on a regular basis as you work to win your claim. Communicate with him/her honestly and be specific about the extent of the injuries and related pain. Every symptom should be communicated with him/her as soon as possible. After all, your personal injury claim will be substantiated in great part by your medical records.

Additional Legal Services Provided by Bell Law

In addition to disability law Bell Law’s legal team also specialize in social security disability and workers’ compensation law. Bell Law has offices located in Portland, Eugene, and Salem, Oregon.