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Getting hurt on the job is a serious matter. Many people feel guilty or stressed after they are injured on the job. They wonder if they should file a workers compensation claim. They wonder if their co-workers and colleagues will find out about their claim. However, when hurt on the job, these worries should be put aside. It’s important during this time to remain calm and consider the facts. If your injury was due in full or in part to your work environment then the situation needs to be fixed and your injuries need to be addressed…and paid for.

What is the Purpose of Workers Compensation Insurance?

It is mandatory for most businesses in the U.S. to purchase workers compensation insurance. Workers compensation insurance provides for those injured on the job.

Workers’ compensation claims provide a road to healing and the recovery of lost wages and also indirectly provide valuable feedback to employers regarding the level of safety hazard in the workplace. Therefore, when viewed in a positive light, workers compensation claims can help safety levels on the job rise. Employers should look at workers compensation claims as an opportunity to improve safety in all areas of the workplace.

Filing a Workers’ Compensation Claim

If you need to file a workers compensation claim then do so immediately. It’s best to file as soon as the accident occurs but if more than five days has passed you should still report the incident to your HR department and discuss your claim with an experienced workers compensation attorney. S/he should be able to provide you with a FREE legal consultation, and like a good coach, should be able to lay out all of the possible “plays” the will benefit you the most in your journey toward healing and moving on with life.

Have You Been Hurt on the Job in Oregon?

If you have been hurt on the job in the state of Oregon then navigating the laws of workers’ compensation can be complex. It often requires the assistance of an experienced attorney. Without the help of a workers compensation lawyer it is possible you will not receive all of the benefits available to you.

For example ask yourself the following:

  • Are you receiving lost wages payments when your doctor is not allowing you to work?
  • Has your work injury caused permanent problems?
  • What does full compensation mean in your personal situation?
  • Are you fearful you might lose your job?
  • Has the insurance company offered to settle your claim before all the facts are on the table?

Experienced workers’ compensation lawyers know how to ask questions like these, get the full answers, and use those answers for your greatest benefit. Not only that, experienced workers compensation attorneys know how to offer you a supportive hand that will help take the stress out of your life. After an accident you should be focused primarily on your healing and recovery….not on your legal stress.

Let Bell Law Help with Your Workers’ Compensation Claim

Let Bell Law Offices experienced workers compensation attorneys help. At Bell Law all clients are treated with the utmost respect regardless of the details of their case and Ball Law always charges fair prices that are reasonable according to each claim. Offices are located in Portland, Eugene, and Salem, Oregon.

Bell Law Offices in Portland, Eugene, and Salem, Oregon

The attorneys at Bell Law Offices specialize in workers compensation law and will work to earn you the benefits you deserve. Contact Bell Law for a FREE consultation.

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