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Workers’ compensation consists of one or more financial benefits received by those who have been injured while working. Workers compensation benefits will not be the same in every case. Benefits can vary significantly from one claim to another depending on the type and severity of the injury.

5 Steps to Workers’ Compensation in Oregon

To receive workers compensation benefits in the state of Oregon, the injured party must take the following steps:

  1. Immediately notify his/her workplace HR department regarding the injury and ask for and fill out an Oregon Form 801
  2. Understand that by law your employer must submit your Oregon Form 801 to its insurer within five (5) days of the date of report
  3. If necessary, seek medical attention for the injury and be clear with all doctors and medical professionals that the injury is work-related
  4. Understand that your doctor should complete the Oregon Form 827, which is defined as a worker’s and physician’s report for workers’ compensation claims
  5. Understand that your employer should post workers’ compensation insurance information in the workplace. With this information you can contact the insurance carrier if necessary. If the employer does not provide the carrier information a government organization such as the Department of Consumer and Business Services should be contacted to obtain the carrier’s information.

Save Yourself Time and Stress at No Cost to You

Does all of this sound like a lot of hoops to jump through? Unfortunately, submitting a workers’ compensation claim is a great deal of work and doesn’t end after the five steps mentioned above. For example, it isn’t uncommon for problems to arise in the workplace when colleagues do not treat your claim with respect or your employer refuses to admit that the injury occurred in the work environment. In addition, insurance companies generally deny claims for workers’ compensation as a matter of course. Also, claimants generally receive almost no education related to the variety of benefits available for their specific case.

Bell Law Workers Compensation Attorneys in Oregon

In the state of Oregon, a workers compensation lawyer will never charge you until you receive benefits. This is because all workers compensation lawyers in Oregon are paid on a contingent fee basis.

Bell Law’s workers compensation lawyers will provide you with the following services:

  • Consultation with an experienced Bell Law attorney who knows how to win your claim quickly and without all the hassle
  • Education regarding ALL of the workers compensation benefits available to you
  • Communication with your workplace and its insurance carrier to ensure that all communication remains diplomatic and respectful. However, rest assured that Bell Law attorneys will fight for your case until you win your deserved benefits
  • Totally free legally service until you win your workers’ compensation benefits

Contact Bell Law

Contact Bell Law today to receive your free consultation. Bell Law is confident they can handle your claim and win you the benefits you deserve.

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