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Did you know that you can apply for social security benefits online? Visit the website to consider the benefits for which you would be eligible to apply.

The main social security benefits that you can apply for are retirement, spousal, medicare, and/or disability benefits. You may be eligible for more than one type of social security benefit so it’s worth any potential applicant’s time to study the potential financial awards provided by the social security system.

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A Closer Look at Social Security Disability Benefits

For those eligible to apply for social security disability benefits it’s important to understand the two types of disability benefits. You can learn about them via the social security system. The first is Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDL). These benefits are awarded to those who cannot work full or part-time due to a disability. They typically have worked long enough to contribute to the social security system in the past. The other type of social security disability benefit is Supplemental Security Income (SSI). SSI provides financial benefits to those who cannot work full or part-time due to a disability. However, unlike SSDL benefits, SSI benefits are not contingent on having worked in the past. SSI benefits are awarded based on an individual’s income.

What Disabilities Qualify for SSDL and SSI Benefits

If your disability isn’t described clearly from a medical standpoint then your application for SSDL and SSI benefits can be rejected. You do not want your application you submitted online to be rejected. Before submitting your application consider whether your disability can be found on this page via the website. The disabilities listed are categorized as “adult disabilities.” However it’s important to know that the disabilities for children and teenagers who are 18 years old and younger are very similar in almost all cases.

A Disability Doesn’t Mean You Deserve Less!

It is unfortunately common for those with real limiting disabilities to be treated with a lack of concern or empathy. Therefore we recommend to seeking legal representation with expertise in social security. A good social security disability attorney treats you with the utmost respect, lays all possible benefits on the table, and earns nothing until you are awarded benefits. We do this, because we want to make the world a better place for those with social security disability needs.

More Social Security Eugene Oregon benefits for our clients

Social security attorneys often win benefits for their clients in a fraction of the time that most people can do it on their own. This service helps individuals—perhaps individuals like yourself—to avoid headaches associated with the SSDI and SSI application processes and co as well as common rejections and misunderstandings. In short, the service can save clients weeks or even months of valuable time!

How Much Would I Pay a Social Security Attorney to Help Me Win Benefits?

A good attorney should charge something in the area of $6000 or 25% of your retroactive (past due) benefits, whichever is less. It’s a very reasonable fee and more than worth it when you consider the time required to wade through the application process.

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Bell Law Offices attorneys specialize in social security law and have helped many clients quickly earn social security benefits. We do it in a way that is hassle-free, giving you peace of mind in an otherwise challenging task. We treat all clients with respect knowing that clients applying for social security benefits often feel frustrated with the process. Bell Law attorneys will sit with you for FREE and explain all of your options and whether or not your application should receive financial benefits.

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