Disability Attorney

Your Disability Attorney Can Help You Apply for Social Security Benefits

It is a common misconception that Social Security benefits are reserved for retirees only. However, by law, and under the disability benefits programs run by the Social Security Administration, those who are unable to work full time due to physical or psychological limitations are also welcome to apply for benefits.

Don’t Feel Welcome To Apply For Social Security Disability?

Unfortunately those who are eligible for social security disability don’t always feel that they are welcome to apply. The application process can be long and discouraging and benefits aren’t always rewarded. However, with the assistance of an experienced social security disability attorney, the process is eased and the chance of receiving awarded benefits is greatly increased.

Worried About Costs?

Attorneys often have the reputation of charging exorbitant costs. However, at Bell Law the charges are entirely reasonable and affordable for those applying for social security disability benefits. At Bell Law the charge is a reasonable flat rate fee or a percentage of the retroactive benefits awarded (whichever is less). If your benefits aren’t rewarded then you won’t pay a dime and all benefits received after your case is “won” are 100% yours!

Initial Consultations with Bell Law Disability Attorneys

Initial consultations with Bell Law disability lawyers are entirely FREE. In each consultation you may find that you are surprised how much better you feel about your chances for obtaining social security benefits after a Bell Law attorney presents you with your legal options.

Two Bell Law clients said the following about the Bell Law legal services:

“We give the highest rating for service and professionalism. John helped us through the tough times and always put us at ease.”   –Ron and Ranay, Clients

“I was satisfied once John Bell took over my case. He promptly returned my calls and was very friendly, efficient, and courteous.”    –Margaret, Client

Success in SSDI Appeals

Bell Law’s disability lawyers have a high success rate in obtaining social security and disability benefits for their clients. Bell Law knows when a client is deserving and knows how to represent him/her with respect and with professionalism at all times.

Remember That Your Case Matters

Many times people think that a social security disability case isn’t as important or complex as the “big” cases such as medical malpractice cases, criminal cases, etc. However, though disability cases may seem less dramatic, it is important to remember that every case matters and can affect your life in a big way. Let Bell Law take your case in a positive direction and help earn the benefits that you deserve. Initial consultations and legal advice are entirely free at Bell Law so call us today.

Contact Bell Law Office’s Expert Disability Lawyers

If you cannot work full time and would like to obtain a free consultation with a Bell Law disability attorney please contact the Bell Law Offices at (888) 813-3188 or info@belllawoffices.com.

Additional Legal Services Provided by Bell Law

In addition to disability law Bell Law’s legal team also specialize in personal injury and workers’ compensation law. Bell Law has offices located in Portland, Eugene, and Salem, Oregon.

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