How do I qualify for social security benefits?

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The Social Security Administration uses a five-step analysis when determining whether or not an applicant qualifies for SSD or SSI.

1. If you are currently working and earning approximately $1000 per month, then you do not qualify. If not, then proceed to step 2

2. If you are not currently working and have severe impairment(s) that have lasted or will last at least 12 months that significantly interfere with your ability to work, then proceed to step 3. If not, then you do not qualify.

3. If your severe impairment(s) is part of the Social Security Administration listings, then you may qualify for benefits. If it is not, then proceed to step 4

4. If your severe impairment(s) prevents you from performing past work, then proceed to step 5. If it does not, then you most likely will not qualify for benefits.

5. If your severe impairment(s) prevent you from performing any work, then you are disabled and may qualify for benefits.

It is important to remember that the Social Security Administration will require medical evidence to support your claim that you are disabled. Although it may be difficult for you to pay for and/or obtain medical treatment, it is important that you make every effort available to you to obtain medical diagnosis and treatment. Bell Law Offices, PC will work with you to obtain the necessary medical documentation and opinions to support your claim.

How do i Qualify For Social Security?

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