How Much Does a Workers Compensation Lawyer cost?

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How Much Does a Workers Compensation Lawyer Cost?
Hiring a workers compensation lawyer costs you nothing. Workers compensation in Oregon is a contingency based practice. That means you pay no attorney fees unless we help you recover. That way you can focus on recovering. You do not have to spend your energy worrying about workers compensation lawyer costs.

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Denied Claims – Workers Compensation Lawyer Cost

There are two ways that a workers compensation attorney earns fees if your workers compensation claim is denied. First, we appeal your denial. Then we fight for your workers compensation benefits at a hearing. If we are successful, the insurance company pays our lawyer fees and costs. If we are unsuccessful, we do not get paid. Second, you can settle your workers compensation claim. If you choose to settle your claim, then a percentage of the settlement goes toward attorney fees.

Accepted Claims – Oregon Workers Compensation Lawyer Cost

There are different ways we can earn lawyer fees if your workers compensation claim is accepted. As each accepted workers compensation claim wraps up, there is a process the insurance company must go through called Claim Closure. In this process, your claim is evaluated for a lump sum payout. This payment is to compensate you for permanent issues resulting from your work injury. Your claim is also evaluated to see if you qualify for vocational retraining. If you disagree with your claim closure, we can appeal it. If we are successful, your closure award will improve. A percentage of the closure award then goes toward attorney fees.

There is also the possibility of settling your accepted workers compensation claim. Just as with denied claims, if you settle your workers compensation claim, a percentage of the settlement goes toward lawyer fees.

Denied Medical Services – Oregon Workers Compensation Lawyer Cost

Lastly, even with an accepted claim, it is possible that the insurance company will not pay all of your medical bills. If the insurance company is denying to pay your medical bills, you can request a hearing. This hearing is to determine whether the insurance company should be paying for the denied medical services. If we are successful at the hearing, the insurance company pays the workers compensation attorney fees and costs.

Whether your workers compensation claim is accepted or denied, it is wise to consult a workers compensation attorney. Since there is no risk of paying attorney fees out of pocket, you have nothing to lose by contacting an expert for help. Protect yourself. Contact us to schedule your free consultation now.

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