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Your Social Security lawyer will tell you that by law, social security benefits are available not only to retirees but to those who are unable to work full time due to physical or psychological limitations.

Filing a Social Security Claim Without A Lawyer

Filing a social security disability claim without a lawyer is something that can be done with a bit of research and patience. Those who file these claims are often proactive and patient as they carefully obtain the required information and fill out necessary paperwork. However, despite their best efforts, filing a claim and waiting for the results can take hours, weeks, or even months. Submitted claims are often ignored for long periods of time (e.g, months) and then denied as a matter of course. Many filers end up experiencing large amounts of frustration and simply stop trying because the process seems so daunting! This “rejection process” leaves many well-deserving people without the financial assistance they need to lead healthy and happy lives.

If you plan on filing a social security disability claim it’s important to be aware that hiring a social security lawyer will greatly increase your chance of winning your claim and in much less time than it would have otherwise. Experienced Social Security lawyers understand the information and the “loopholes” that are required to win most social security disability claims.

Concerned About Legal Costs?

Chances are high that you are concerned about your finances during what is most likely a difficult time. Perhaps you’ve already processed a social security claim but it has been rejected after weeks or even months of waiting for a response. Claims processers are often instructed to wait long periods of time as those filing claims are more likely to become discouraged and quit trying to obtain their legal benefits. You however don’t have to give up

Find a social security lawyer who won’t charge you a dime unless you win your claim! At Bell Law Offices we won’t charge you anything until you’ve won your claim, and even then we only charge a reasonable flat rate or a percentage of your winnings (whichever is less). With Bell Law you can win your social security disability claim quickly and with less stress!

Bell Law Focuses on Social Security Disability Law

At Bell Law we understand that filing a social security disability claim can be draining on your time and energy. When you choose our services, we counsel you through all of your options and help you take the “path of least resistance” so you can focus on what’s important to you and know that experienced helping hands are always nearby.

If you’ve recently had a social security disability claim rejected, John Bell and his associates, all of whom are social security lawyers, can aid you in resubmitting your claim and winning what you already deserve.

What Bell Law Clients Experience

Mary, a Bell Law client, says of her experiences seeking Bell Law’s assistance, “This was a very difficult time for me and the office was extremely supportive and helpful.”

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